Storage VMotion Fails

I recently had to resolve an issue where a storage vMotion failed half way through the move process.

When I looked at the VM’s .vmx file, I should see all of the disks where pointing to the snapshots, and there where the DMotion files (used as part of the Storage Vmotion)

-rw——-    1 root     root     623831040 Jun 18 08:13 DMotion-scsi0:01_SERVER-000001-delta.vmdk
-rw——-    1 root     root          327 Jun 16 22:07 DMotion-scsi0:01_SERVER-000001.vmdk

The way to resolve this is to create a new snapshot, and then use the option to delete all snapshots.  This can be done using Virtual Centre or the vmware-cmd command line tool.

Once the removal process completes, all of the snaphot files, including the DMotion files are played back into the orginal vmdk files.

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