Add new user to the Nagios Web Interface

By default the nagiosadmin account is one you login to the web interface with.  To add your own users, you can follow these commands:

Add user to the htpasswd file

sudo htpasswd -c /etc/nagios3/htpasswd.users USERNAME

Next edit the Nagios cgi.cfg file to grant the relevant permissions:

sudo nano /etc/nagios3/cgi.cfg

I wanted to same level of access as nagiosadmin, so I modified the following in the cgi.cfg file:

authorized_for_system_information=nagiosadmin, USERNAME
authorized_for_configuration_information=nagiosadmin, USERNAME
authorized_for_system_commands=nagiosadmin, USERNAME
authorized_for_all_services=nagiosadmin, USERNAME
authorized_for_all_hosts=nagiosadmin, USERNAME
authorized_for_all_service_commands=nagiosadmin, USERNAME
authorized_for_all_host_commands=nagiosadmin, USERNAME

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